hey there,

it's Konstantin Zhabinskiy (Tino for short). i'm a happy dad, husband, x2 dog owner, and video games geek. currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

i'm a product manager at FlowMapp, collaborative tool for UX work: we are helping people to build sitemaps, user flows, cjms, and personas comfortably.

i used to design products and lead product design teams at Icons8, Generated Photos, Upcomer, Osome, Skyeng and other beautiful companies.


principles that i found resonating: data-informed over data-driven. user-centric approach. maximum of empathy. constantly learning. quick iterations over long-term never-ending features. execution over infinite planning. providing an equal experience for every user possible. teamwork over individualism (even when it's harder than it sounds). the emotional value of the product matters as much as the functional. nintendo over sega. rainbow six siege over counter-strike. pubg over fortnite (for real though).

mentions and awards


since we are done with the formal intro, i have to say that whenever i create new teams and searching new people, i always choose personality over speciality. so i'd love everyone to be treated that way, including myself. i did code, model 3d, make a sound design (still happy to do some bleep-blaps in my spare time), skateboarding, and a lot of other stuff. i'm life-long learner and considering it as my superpower. nothing drives me more than ol' good unexplored area.

i'm a proud maker and picky upvoter on ProductHunt. i'm trying hard to tweet consistently, but it doesn't work that way for me. also, i don't update my Dribbble anymore. feeling that my LinkedIn profile could also be abandoned in the near feature because it's about to be more Facebook than Facebook itself.